Gustafson G-3

Faster install. Lower installation time. Better seal.

Gustafson G-3® is a self-sealing gasketed duct system. A triple-lipped EPDM rubber gasket is placed in a groove at the end of the fitting. When the fitting is inserted into the spiral duct, the gasket folds back forming a seal against the inside of the spiral duct and eliminating the need for any sealer.

In order to achieve optimum sealing for all diameters, various gasket sizes are used. The G-3 gasket is made from a material resistant to ozone, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. A silicone gasket for special applications is also available. The G-3 gasket is rated for temperatures from -20ºF to +212ºF (silicone gasket rated for temperatures from -94ºF to +302ºF).

Advantages during installation

• Quick assembly – no mastic required
• Easy to install, especially where space is limited
• Better ergonomics
• Assembling and adjusting is made easier
• Less need for manual tools

Advantages during use

• Self-sealing gasket provides a tighter duct system
• The ducts are easier to clean and the risk of bacteria growth is reduced

Bring installation to the highest level

• Gustafson G-3 is offered in a variety of sizes of ducts and fittings up to 24″ in diameter
• Construction materials include

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