• Distinguished Ductwork

    By choosing Gustafson brand ductwork, you are choosing a superior product.
    Gustafson round duct systems cut installation time and adds long-term value to the owner's property and occupant's health.
    Gustafson systems are energy efficient and can be found in homes, hospitals, and schools across the nation.

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  • Air Distribution Devices

    Find Gustafson's air distribution devices to fit your round duct system.
    Sold through a network of trusted wholesalers, find your source for Gustafson brand products by calling (866) 757-9414.

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  • High Velocity

    Remodeling a historic property? Bring in fresh air with Gustafson's high velocity duct system.
    Gustafson's HV2 product line offers owners an efficient duct solution that minimizes the reconstruction needed. M
    No matter if you own a Federal, Georgian, a Queen Anne, a Gothic, or a Greek Revival, Gustafson products can help update your HVAC system while keeping your home's heritage intact.

    Gustafson HV2

Gustafson manufactures and markets sheet metal products for the HVAC industry.

Gustafson, a division of Linx Industries, is a leading manufacturer of HVAC ductwork. The company’s G3 and HV2 line of self-sealing duct systems offers owners, engineers and contractors an easy-to install, performance guaranteed duct system. Gustafson’s corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing plant is located in Portsmouth, VA, For more information about Gustafson or for the name of the Gustafson Distributor in your area, please contact Gustafson at 866-757-9414.

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Featured Product Lines:


Gustafson G-3® Duct & Fittings
Gustafson G-3 offers the market an expanded catalog of spiral round sheet metal HVAC ductwork combinations.


Air Devices
Pair Gustafson air duct systems with spiral mounted registers and louvers.


High Velocity Ductwork
For those constrained spaces where spiral round ductwork just won’t do, try our Linx Flat Oval duct systems.

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